Sarah Pope, Founder, Country Piggy Bank

Sarah Pope, Founder, Country Piggy Bank

Give the Gift of Memories

One day, a very long time ago, a little girl named Sarah was given the most wonderful present – a white porcelain piggy bank with pink hand painted buzzing bees and slot in the back to hold her change.

Many years passed, but Sarah never forgot the day her grandmother gave her that piggy bank. One day Sarah had grown up and bought the company that made that bank that reminds her of her Grandmother. Now she shares her story and fine hand painted banks with little girls of all ages who appreciate the value of family heirloom memories.

International Chic with a touch of Country flair.

The 2018 Country Bank Collection, by Sarah Pope

The 2018 Country Bank Collection, by Sarah Pope

Where it all Began

In 1916, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of East Tennessee, Southern Potteries opened its doors. The unique, hand-painted china was used by families around the world. Although old Southern Potteries is no more, many of the original molds and designs live on in The Southern BlueRidge Company, Inc.® and the Piggy Bank Express® Collection.

Our Country Roots

There’s just something about growin’ up country that always seems to bring folks back home. Maybe it’s the smell of hens' eggs on the griddle, leading to grandma’s house, the chirp of the squirrels in the old gum tree, or maybe it’s the comfort of seeing Grandpa’s cane fishing pole down by the lake.

Sarah Pope has lovingly recreated these childhood memories in her PiggyBank Express® Collection; hand-painted memories that help teach our children the importance of saving and family tradition.  Place a special Piggy Bank on your child’s hands and it will be cherished for years to come.

Southern Blue Ridge Potteries, founded 1916.

Southern Blue Ridge Potteries, founded 1916.

Letter from our Founder

I am delighted to introduce you to PiggyBank Express®, a Division of the Southern BlueRidge Company, Inc.® and our exquisite line of hand painted china from the hills of Tennessee.  Our china is reminiscent of a simpler time, when craftsmanship and personal pride accompanied the makers-mark. 

General Hospital actress Tia Carrere with her piggy from Piggybank Express ®.

General Hospital actress Tia Carrere with her piggy from Piggybank Express ®.

Many of our molds are the originals from the old Southern Potteries (1916-1957), one of the premiere china manufacturers in the country, located in the heart of the Great Smokey Mountains. 

PiggyBank Express® produces fine handcrafted piggybanks and other nostalgic pieces decorated in the southern primitive tradition.  We have recreated and adapted many of the designs that collectors of Blue Ridge China® have known and loved for nearly a century. 

The original molds and designs we produce were inspired by the great French and English china manufacturers from the turn-of-the-century and have been lovingly crafted in the hills of Tennessee since the early 1900's.  Our artists are especially proud of their work; they sign and date each piece.

We invite you to experience this charming tradition of hand painted china and encourage you to enjoy and pass along the fine art of saving! I look forward to meeting you.


Sarah Pope

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President, PiggyBank Express®